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Welcome To My Home Page

Open your awareness through experiencing spiritual soulpaintings.

New Age, personalized, abstract paintings "Made Real" created through "Dance of Light." First, the
paintings are prayed over for protection. Then, I ask that they portray important messages and that healing takes place any time it is needed throughout your life. I allow God to move the paint brush as I literally dance with color. No pre-meditated pictures are in my mind, yet I often paint images people "recognize" which correlates with their lives. Many faces, places, things, and animals appear magically upon completion. I receive many angelic messages, which in turn, I record on a cassette tape to help you connect spiritually with your painting. Many gifts are given through my paintings, and you can literally turn them "all" directions and see different pictures. You will notice throughout time, that new images "pop out" that may help you with a specific problem or even promote healing within your body, mind, and spirit. I feel this healing comes from prayer, but it also reflects my love for this particular art form and color combination.

Just imagine to be able to give a friend or family member a Soul Painting that reveals their life story. To help them find the pieces they may need to make the puzzle complete. If you are looking for art that is very real, unique, and can help you or someone
you love to change their life, this is the gift for you. A wonderful Holiday gift or any time of the year.

Paintings are available in Pastel and Oil

Anita is a Dance Major from The School Of The Arts in NY. with experience in Modern, Ballet, Choreograhpy, and Improvisational Dance. She has 15 years experience as a Certified Massage Therapist and Healing Touch Practitioner. She has worked with Color and Painting on and off her whole life, and taken classes from Bill White at Hollins University. She has received angelic messages most of her life, and done spiritual readings for 15 years. She merges Dance and Color into one, allowing Spirit to create her art work. She also combines Dream Therapy, Healing Touch, and her Soul Paintings to connect deeper with The Christ Consciousness and promote clarity and healing.

Email for further information. See photo page for more paintings

Personalized soul paintings include one hour of angelic messages on audio tape.

Send an email:

Spirit And Sky

Queen Kitty (sold)